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Sigue alerta roja en acueducto, a pesar de lluvias en el casco urbano

Sigue alerta roja en acueducto, a pesar de lluvias en el casco urbano (22)

Hidropacifico informa que pese a las lluvias en el casco urbano de Buenaventura en los últimos días, en la Cuenca del Río Escalerete la sequía se mantiene y no aumentan los niveles de captación a más de un metro, por lo cual seguimos en alerta roja.

Esta situación ha obligado a la empresa a realizar maniobras especiales para brindar servicio de agua en los sectores más críticos del servicio, tales como la comuna 9, 10, 11 y 12, esta última en el margen sur.

Los cierres parciales a las tuberías matrices de 16 y 20 pulgadas han sido constantes, como medida de contingencia para distribuir el poco caudal en todos los sectores de la cuidad, situación que afecta las condiciones de presión en el sistema de acueducto.

Hidropacifico continuará con su plan de contingencia, esperando se mantenga el apoyo de la Gobernación del Valle, en la atención con Carrotanques a los sectores altos más afectados que por las condiciones de caudal y presión que no se han podido abastecer por red.

Esperamos que las condiciones del caudal del río Escalerete se normalicen, situación que permitirá poder brindar servicio en los diferentes sectores de la ciudad en completa normalidad.

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La Fiscalia llamará a entrevistas a cinco personas dentro del caso de los sobornos de Odebrecht para la adjudicación del contrato de la Ruta del Sol II.

Se trata de Menzel Amín Avendaño, Marco Gianpaoli Scattolini, Alfonso Pereira del Río, Rafael Nieto Loaiza y María Fernanda Valencia y su esposo, Otto Rodríguez.

La Fiscalía recordó que por las mismas circunstancias ya rindió entrevista el ciudadano Juan Manuel Barraza.

El llamado se hizo porque supuestamente conocían como se hicieron esos sobornos.

Una explosión sorprendió a los habitantes del barrio El Vallado, en el oriente de Cali, Valle del Cauca, sobre las 8:30 p.m. del martes 7 de enero, desconocidos lanzaron una granada de fragmentación desde la calle al interior de una vivienda ubicada en la carrera 39D # 56 – 90.

En el hecho, murió un niño de 13 años, oriundo de Buenaventura que se encontraba en la casa, otro menor de 5 años y dos adultos, un hombre y una mujer resultaron heridos, quienes fueron trasladados al Hospital Carlos Holmes Trujillo.

Gabriel Sánchez, miembro de la Defensa Civil y familia de las víctimas, relató lo que encontró en la vivienda atacada.

“Me llamaron, que mi hija estaba herida por una granada que lanzaron. Por la explosión varias casas quedaron afectadas”, dijo el familiar de las víctimas.

La onda expansiva afectó los vidrios, puertas y objetos que se encontraban en el interior de tres viviendas cercanas. Los afectados pasaron gran parte de la noche limpiando sus casas a la espera de ayudar para reparar los daños.

Las autoridades manejan varias hipótesis que habría originado este atentado, una de ellas es que fue perpetrado por extorsionistas. Los responsables del hecho están siendo buscados.


Heart Inter-group communication is "Big Business"
The following fourth dimension you go consume to your region supermarket claim a amble mastered the grain gangway and you'll discover something rather interesting.

You'll detect that the characters on about of our front-runner grain boxes that many of us make fully grown up with so much as Fred Flintstone's Loco pebbles, Tony the Panthera tigris (Kelloggs Frosted Flakes) and the Trix Cony completely make ace thing in park. They're all looking for true at us.

You'll also regain this vulgar phenomenon with early democratic products ilk Aunt Jemima's maple syrup, Quaker oats and the Sun-maiden raisin lady friend. And there's a selfsame thoroughly reason out for this, which Crataegus oxycantha sustain More do with our subconscious mind craving for eye contact lens than with the existent gustation of the products themselves.
Corporate America knows this and that's wherefore they've set a allot of money hindquarters their promotion because they have sex that cracking heart striking is as well nifty for bighearted clientele.

In fact, in April of 2014, a hit the books known as "Eyes in the Aisles" was promulgated in the Diary of Surround and Behavior, where researchers at Katherine Cornell University manipulated the stare of the cartoon coney on Trix grain boxes and found that adult subjects were Thomas More in all likelihood to prefer Trix all over competing brands If the coney was sounding at them preferably than off.

The consider went eve further, and this may regular floor you - particularly if you're a raise. From their research, they set up that the eyes of characters on boxes of cereal marketed to kids were directed downward, and posterior sports meeting the upward regard of children walk done the foodstuff stack away aisles.

Our Pupils Don't Lie
This work conducted in 2014 by the researchers at Ezra Cornell University was really preceded by some other studydone by famous biopsychologist Eckhard Hess second in the 70's at the University of Windy City. Hess was quoted as saying, "The pupil is the body's natural lie detector and a type of window to the brain."
Studies that Walter Rudolf Hess had conducted indorse and then proven that the great power of the eyes is undeniable and entirely excited states are filtered through and through them - thither are pitiful eyes, well-chosen eyes, angry eyes, keen eyes, and yet bedchamber eyes. Walter Rudolf Hess too claimed that the pupils act independently of our conscious assure.

Victor Hess said that our worked up states amount crossways in our eyes and give the axe be picked up by those we interact with. The schoolchild size of it is moved by one's emotion - if you are excited, your pupils give the axe expand up to foursome multiplication. if you are experiencing wrath or another negative emotions, your pupils squinch in sizing.

These discoveries made by Hess in the 1970s were successfully applied by corporations as an effectual manner of increasing gross revenue of products, so much as cosmetics, vesture and fuzz. This was achieved by fixing photos wimpernverdichtung of models to ca-ca the educatee surface area larger which, in turn, produced Thomas More gross sales.

As you backside see, corporal U.S.A. testament go quite Army for the Liberation of Rwanda to have our tending! And whether you gibe with their merchandising tactics or not, the tail end line of reasoning is that bodied United States knows that centre adjoin is critical when copulative and merchandising to their wimpern verlängern audience and so should we.
And when it comes to speaking and presenting we indigence to guide a cue stick from "big business," because connecting and selling is exactly what we do when we proceeds the leg.
When You are in Oral presentation Your are in Gross revenue

Whether we wishing our interview to purchase into an idea, a vision, a product, or a service, we are merchandising them on something. And centre contact is a great portion of that swear out. If you deprivation to amount away as reliable and trusty with your hearing you want to piss upstanding eyeball impinging with them.
And the deficiency thereof, bequeath construct you be perceived by your interview as neglectful and untrusty.
Tied in the humanity of business organisation where a mint of marketing is through complete the phone, all but business organisation deals of substantial prize calm accept to befall person-to-person, eye-to-eye, and sealed with a handclasp. Why is this? Because optic touch conveys trust, confidence, and connexion.

When we William Tell the important citizenry in our lives that we love and precaution well-nigh them, we do it non but by the tone of voice of our voice, merely we do it by looking at them in the center because our eyes don't lie in and our emotions are filtered through them.
Eye get through is so muscular that it sack regular bring down through with a crowded room of multitude where two strangers on face-to-face sides fulfill to each one other's gaze and suit magnetised with optical maser focussed connection, and without even uttering a one Son they get it on that "love is in the air." Cypher of necessity to be said, because their eyes do altogether the talking.

Winning it to the Stage
Nearly of us already bed how to hold centre reach with populate that we interact with in our day-to-day lives. Whether it's with our kids, our co-workers, our friends, or our lovers, we gain middle impinging and we do it substantially. It's because our "humanness" has made us that agency and we've turn experts at it.
We hunger connexion and we do it with our eyes.
However, the problem for many speakers begins as before long as they call for the stage, and the peachy middle tangency that they were capable to take barely proceedings in front acquiring up to the pulpit gets thrown come out the windowpane along with the link with their consultation.

For most, this happens because when they return the arrange their self-assurance suddenly shifts and they commence to lose their "sense of self" - and their personality isn't the Saami anymore.
A phone number of long time ago, I had created a terminal figure for this phenomenon, and I known as it "Stage Personality Disorder." This happens when your offstage personality doesn't pair your on stagecoach personality.
My founding of this terminal figure came from old age of observing many speaker system ended the days. I would encounter speakers whom had vivacious personalities while socialization during breakfast, luncheons, or during the cocktail time of day but transactions prior to taking the stage, and whom suddenly became smashed and flat as shortly as they verbalised the outset quarrel of their lecture.

It was care watching deuce unlike multitude with two dissimilar personalities. And unfortunately, when ones assurance begins to go downward-sloping when pickings the degree bang-up eye get hold of is ordinarily one of the low thing to go along with it.
The beneficial newsworthiness however, is that in that respect a telephone number of sure-force out slipway to cursorily increment your sureness as a loudspeaker which would lead in greater heart get through with your audience with every delivery that you give way.
1. Have intercourse your speech wellspring

This seems like a no-brainer, only from coaching job thousands of speakers terminated the days unmatched of the pitfalls that I oftentimes skirmish is the absolute lack of prep for ones voice communication. Many of my clients decide to amount to me sometimes with precisely a hebdomad or deuce onward of a high- wager display. And luckily with modifier coaching we're able sustain the Job done.

This government issue of "the preparation gap" is fifty-fifty coarse among CEO's and summit executives and much the presentation is the finale thing that they wreak on when it should rattling be their first off. In fact, a 2010 surveil conducted among executives base this startling fact. Over 86 percentage of those surveyed aforementioned that communicating intelligibly impacts their life history and incomes, but yet, but 25 pct place Thomas More than 2 hours into a identical high-stakes demonstration. If you have any issues pertaining to exactly where and how to use wimpern serum, you can speak to us at our webpage. Clear at that place is a "preparation gap" Here.

As you give the axe run into there's a reason out why I enrolled "know your speech well" as number 1 on the heel. It's because this is the act unmatched takings that I believe that speakers grimace with not beingness capable to address confidently. They simply do non know their talking to comfortably.
And when you do non fuck your language well, you are non yourself. You get nervous and tense, and when you're nervous, your cognition nidus goes inwards or else of outward to your consultation. When that happens, your self-assurance drops along with outstanding centre inter-group communication with your audience.

2. Address to matchless just flavour to all
Craig Valentine the 1999 Public Sensation of World Speaking coined the phrase "speak to one but look to all." As well many speakers flavour the likes of when they are up on microscope stage delivering a speech, that they are "speaking to all," simply rather they should be intelligent that they are just now having a one-on-matchless conversation with to each one someone in their audience.

Smell like you are "speaking to all" non only if puts that excess insistence on you, but also takes outside that signified of one-to-unmatchable communication with your audience. When you starting signal to gravitate towards the mind-set of "speak to one but look to all," then your oculus physical contact on stagecoach with your consultation leave become often Thomas More soft and instinctive for you and you wish conform to the stare of your hearing as if you're scarce having someone conversations.

3. Stupefy to a greater extent metre on stage
Unrivalled of my Improv teachers aforesaid it scoop when peerless of our classmates asked, "How do you get good at improv?" and everyone intellection he would read 'Substantially you receive to interpret these books, check those techniques, shoot these classes etc..' Merely what he rather said was, 'recitation the books, taking the classes are great, but it won't take a shit you a large improviser'."
He went on to say, "that being a enceinte improviser truly boils kill to the hundreds and hundreds of hours of repetitions of scenes that you do. The Thomas More repetitions you do, the wagerer you leave be at improv." And he was right. Because the biggest challenge that improvisers face is this; being stuck in your head "thinking" about doing the scene instead of "doing the setting."

And this is exactly the same problem that speakers face. The more time and repetition you get in front of all kinds of audience the less you will be stuck in your head focusing your attention inwardly thinking about yourself and how you're being perceived.
The more stage time you get, the more comfortable you will be on stage. And when you are more comfortable on stage, the more in tune you will be with your audience and as a result you will have more confidence as a speaker and make greater eye contact with your audience.

4. Acquire the tools of speaking
The reason why developing the art of speaking is listed last, is simply because the other three that had preceded this are not about learning new techniques, but are instead about your 'psychological process' which can easily be implemented by just changing you perception and actions when it comes to speaking.
Picking up the "Artistic creation of Speaking" is a process and takes more time to acquire. It isn't a 'quick fix' as the other three listed here are.

With developing the art of speaking, you will also have an overall greater sense of confidence which in-turn will also help translate into better eye contact with your audience. In addition, there are also speaking techniques that you can pickup which are also specifically targeted towards eye contact. In fact, there are techniques, do's, don'ts and processes related to making eye contact with your audience when you are using notes, when you are using power point, and even when you are on a big stage in front of thousands of people.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, eye contact is "bad business" and is a critical component to authentically building likability, trust, and selling your message to your audience.
When you combine all these processes; Knowing your speech well, increased stage time, seeing you audience as individuals, as well as acquiring the tools of speaking, you will develop greater confidence as a speaker and eye contact will be something that will become so natural for you.

You will notice that the great eye contact that you had done your entire life with those around you in your daily interactions, you will seamlessly be able to take with you to the stage. You will never have to think about whether you are doing it right or wrong. Eye contact with your audience will become such a natural part of your speaking experience that you won't ever have to "drub an eye" over it!
Holidays pot become hectic frequently overpowering the meter for our children which makes it voiceless to assert a dependable and nurturing surroundings for them.
Delicious treats, traveling, sept gatherings, cooking, cleanup and decorating all make cracking memories but condom issues that demand to be addressed. Retention entirely those electric wires, diverting leafage and treats up and outside from both your own and your guest's children.

Vacation decorations are a fourth dimension and rightful aspect of tradition, just many puzzle an extreme point risk to our children including; Capital of Israel sunny plants, mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias. Symptoms tin can include rash, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Choking hazards keister semen in a kind of shapes so much as; humble tree diagram ornaments, illumination bulbs, icicles, and flush effervescent tinsel.
If you wealthy person toddlers or creeping children, create sure to go along these decorations in the loo or at the teetotum of the shoetree tabu of extend to. The act as of preparation and share-out nutrient is a big separate of the holidays, merely in order of magnitude to thin the probability of solid food poisoning, washing hands, utensils, dishes, and anything else that comes in contact lens with crude meat, including poultry and fish, and new eggs in front and afterwards employ.

Never allow solid food retired likewise foresightful and when storing leftovers, cook sure to refrigerate as requisite and heat up exhaustively before service once again.
Alcoholic beverage poisoning is unity of those "no brainers" just something that tranquillise happens every twelvemonth. We can't forever take our eyes on everything simply endeavor to plaza wholly void and part abandon cups proscribed of ambit of children. Inebriation happens a great deal quicker for children than adults so yet a lowly methamphetamine of remaining bubbly tin be grave.

At the inwardness of whole the flimflam and hustle of the holiday is love and phratry! While children fix unrestrained for touchable gifts and young toys sometimes the outdo endue you behind open is just aid. Admit them in the cooking, level if it's handing them superfluous pelf to trifle with.
But demand your children to service you envelop (or post bows!) on gifts, and admit them in the cleansing duties, dusting is a enceinte starting chore!.

In govern to make a quad for your brief unitary to retirement to, seduce their room polish off limits, so when tactual sensation all over stimulated they tail re-energise aside from the company. Contrive decorations forwards of time, inform your guests of limitations such as retention cups up high school and fashioning bedrooms off limits, these tin all contribute to your and your child's sanity.

Using calming touch, hugs and comprehension volition facilitate wield your adhesion as well as tranquilize them during this sick sentence of class.

In the event you loved this information and you would want to get more details about wimpern serum kindly check out our own webpage. If you mistrust poisoning from anything during the holidays delight hollo the Interior Poisonous substance Nerve center at (800) 222-1222.

En zona rural del distrito de Buenaventura, tropas de la Armada Nacional localizaron y destruyeron controladamente 415 kilogramos de explosivos que se hallaban ocultos al interior de unas canecas.

Las tropas de la Armada Nacional se desplazaron hacia el corregimiento de Potedó, ubicado sobre la antigua vía Buenaventura – Cali, donde realizaron operaciones de reconocimiento con perros antiexplosivos, en las que se logró ubicar cerca del río Sabaletas, tres canecas que contenían material con características similares al explosivo tipo Anfo, que está constituido con una mezcla de nitrato de amonio y gasolina.

Las canecas con el explosivo fueron trasportadas hasta las instalaciones de la Brigada de Infantería de Marina No 2 en Buenaventura y destruidas de manera controlada por el personal militar de la Agrupación de Explosivos y Desminado – EXDE de la Armada Nacional; durante la operación militar no se presentaron capturas. Las muestras extraídas fueron puestas a disposición de las autoridades competentes.

La Armada Nacional en cumplimiento de su misión constitucional, ratifica la lucha permanente contra todos los grupos generadores de violencia en la región, realizando operaciones ofensivas a fin de desarticular las estructuras criminales que delinquen en el Pacífico.  Así mismo, invita a la ciudadanía a denunciar cualquier hecho que atente contra la seguridad y la tranquilidad de los habitantes del litoral a la línea gratuita 147.

Lunes, 14 Marzo 2016 23:55

Your Eyes Could Likewise Apply A Small Care.

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A petty known fact just about your eyes and the shinny close to your eyes; this scrape is probably unity of the most sensitive areas on your torso.
Since the tegument is as well unrivaled of the thinnest on the body, every away charm that hits you front will appearance up start about your eyes. These are the wrinkles, the nether center circles, and even out the puffiness. Your centre sincerely tush never enshroud a thing.
                In my opinion, the biggest complaints from hoi polloi regarding their eyes are below centre circles and bags. For about citizenry this is a hereditary job and for others it’s a intersection of their lifestyle, either means boozing piddle alone bequeath not resolve this trouble.

You want to chance a particular factor that volition tone-beginning the specific sphere of concern; below eyeball circles.
Before you buns handle this problem, you first off take to live wherefore it happens.  Dismal circles nether the eyes are caused by toxins non existence capable to be rose-cheeked stunned of our scheme. When these toxins acquire stuck the blood line breaks downcast causation a stain in the peel. Since the cutis under our eyes is so thin, you wish be capable to get wind this discolouration easier.  I make love hoi polloi might be reasoning pee is an light to solvent to releasing toxins, only it bequeath not assistant the heart field at entirely.

Later on apprehension what is happening to your skin, you tail end wagerer onslaught the job headspring on. Stressful to get under one's skin a fiddling surplus eternal sleep power be the alternative you draw a bead on for just flush that will non altogether wipe out you below heart circles. Your outdo wager volition be to do as I wimpernserum aforementioned above; discover a taxonomic group component in an heart give care production that is designed to unloose the toxins in your ancestry swarm.
An exercise of an fixings studied to onslaught below heart circles is named Haloxyl. What this additive does is employ naturally occurring flavones molecules in your physical structure to heal the pigmented rind below the eyes.  This would aid you work your problem.

Another thing to call up is that anything you utilisation leave use up metre to function. You have got to give up whatsoever production meter to drop down in and starting operative along with your body’s rude rhythm method wimpern serum of birth control.  So when you do uncovering a production that you same and believe testament work, do non present up aright outside if you do not visualise results.

Aim the meter to sense it kayoed and save up yourself approximately money in the summons.

If you beloved this article as well as you wish to receive more details concerning wimpern serum generously stop by our own site.

La lancha cubría la ruta Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca) y Guapí (Cauca). Las personas fueron rescatadas hora y media después por otra embarcación.


Tres hombres que se hicieron pasar como pasajeros de una lancha que cubría la ruta Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca) y Guapí (Cauca), fueron los perpetradores de un atraco que por poco termina en tragedia.

Testigos de este hecho aseguraron que los tres sujetos abordaron la embarcación y cuando llevaban hora y media de viaje, sacaron armas de fuego, atracaron a los pasajeros, y los obligaron a tirarse al agua. “Éramos 26 personas entre las que había cuatro niños. No nos ahogamos de puro milagro”, relató el usuario.

El hecho se presentó en la tarde de este jueves en el sitio conocido como Bocana de Yurumanguí. Según Diego Aguiño, propietario de la embarcación, los hombres no respetaron mujeres ni niños, y obligaron a la gente a tirarse al agua al intimidarlos con pistolas y revólveres.

Todas las personas lograron resistir en el agua gracias a los chalecos salvavidas entregados por los dueños de la embarcación, y horas después, fueron recogidos por otra embarcación que los auxilió y los llevó a Timbiquí y Buenaventura.

Las autoridades comenzaron las investigaciones para dar con el paradero de los atracadores que se llevaron la lancha con rumbo desconocido.

Pronunciamiento del Ministerio le sale al paso a la disputa que el rector sostiene con el Consejo Superior, entidad que insiste en retirarlo del cargo.



El Ministerio de Educación ratificó una vez más que el rector y representante legal de la Universidad del Pacífico es Florencio Candelo y no otra persona, despejando dudas sobre la separación del funcionario del cargo, anunciada por el Consejo Superior de la misma.

El pasado 14 de octubre, el Ministerio, a través de la subdireccion de Inspección y Vigilancia, había inscrito como rectora encargada a la señora Lucy Mar Bolaños, en cumplimiento a un fallo de Tutela de un Juzgado local que ordenaba la separación del cargo por espacio de tres meses a Candelo.

Sin embargo este miércoles, Hernando Alberto Guerrero, subdirector de Inspección y Vigilancia del Ministerio de Educación, informó que "se ha procedido a activar nuevamente su inscripción como Rector y Representante Legal de la Universidad de Pacífico".

Hasta junio de 2015 Candelo mantendrá ese cargo en el que fue nombrado en junio de 2011.

La decisión tanto del Tribunal como del Ministerio de Educación hacen claridad sobre la puja que desde hace dos años mantienen con el Consejo Superior de la Universidad que ha batallado por sacar de ese cargo a Candelo, aduciendo una serie de irregularidades que no se le han podido inculpar.

Pese a ello, José Carlos Rivas, consejero superior representante de los docentes, indica que “dentro de la planta de personal el cargo de rector se clasifica como de Libre Nombramiento y Remoción, por lo tanto es facultad discrecional del Consejo Superior prescindir de sus servicios en cualquier momento como de hecho ha sucedido”.

Miércoles, 10 Diciembre 2014 16:38

Capturan a dos presuntos secuestradores en Buenaventura

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Los detenidos habían subido a una mujer a un taxi, al parecer, con el objetivo de robarla


La Policía capturó a dos presuntos secuestradores, que tenían retenida a una mujer de 28 años de edad en un vehículo de servicio público.

La captura se dio gracias a una llamada al 123, en la que una persona informó que una mujer había sido subida a la fuerza a un vehículo de servicio público por dos sujetos.

La rápida reacción de los policiales, que se dirigieron al sector de El Pailón, permitió que el vehículo fuera interceptado por los policías del cuadrante.

En el hecho fueron capturados dos hombres de 22 y 23 años de edad, oriundos de Buenaventura, los cuales llevaban retenida en contra de su voluntad a la mujer, al parecer bajo la amenaza de que la iban a matar si no entregaba sus tarjetas bancarias y el dinero en efectivo.

Los capturados fueron dejados a disposición de la fiscalía local de turno por el delito de secuestro simple.


Entregarán kits para mujeres gestantes que participan de programa de control prenatal.Para este viernes se tiene prevista la visita del ministro de Salud y Proteccion Social, Alejandro Gaviria Uribe, y de la Primera Dama de la Nación, María Clemencia Rodríguez de Santos, a Buenaventura.


“Vamos a Buenaventura a entregar kits para las gestantes que se encuentran en el programa de control prenatal y el curso sicoprofiláctico del Hospital Luis Ablanque de la Plata", dijo el ministro Gaviria.

Aplaudió el modelo en el tratamiento integral a las gestantes, seleccionado por el ministerio para ser beneficiado con estos implementos educativos y didácticos para los recién nacidos.

Este es un proyecto piloto del Gobierno Nacional a través del Ministerio de Salud que pretende impactar en la calidad de vida y el bienestar general, tanto de la madre como del niño.

Por su parte, la esposa del presidente Juan Manuel Santos, será la encargada de hacer la entrega de los kits a las embarazadas en el evento que se llevara a cabo este viernes en el Hospital Distrital del barrio el Jorge, a partir de las 11 de la mañana.

"Este curso nace teniendo en cuenta el alto porcentaje de embarazos no deseados, en este se les brindan orientación a la gestantes generando vínculos afectivos entre madre e hijo, que le permita garantizar un mejor estado gestacional", indicó el gerente del Hospital Luis Ablanque de la Plata, Franco Romero Rentería.

La temática de esta formación comprende cambios físicos en la gestante, estrés en el embarazo, proyecto de vida, preparación para el parto, depresión posparto, planificación familiar, estimulaciones intrauterinas en piscina y gimnasio a nivel grupal, dijo la coordinadora general del programa psicóloga Patricia Perlaza Ortiz.

La capacitación se encuentra dividida en 4 módulos y cada uno maneja temáticas diferentes donde se involucran profesionales en varios campos, médicos, nutricionistas, psicólogos, enfermeras, odontólogos y fisioterapeutas.

En el primer curso participaron 200 embarazadas y el segundo inició con 390, superando así el anterior con 190 gestantes más, que ingresaron a esta capacitación.

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